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jazz | new classical | R'n'B

Giacomo Petrocchi, tenor sax  Marco Varvello, piano  Viden Spassov, double bass  Edoardo Luparello, drums

The M.V.Quartet matures from the collaboration with rising names of Piedmont's jazz scene: Giacomo Petrocchi on tenor sax, Viden Spassov on double bass, Edoardo Luparello on drums, Marco Varvello on piano.

The performance reveals an elegant sound, with the roots diving into the musical path of jazz giants from 60s and 70s, renewed through the contemporary frame of r'n'b and new soul accessibility and cured sound.

Original compositions distinguish themselves for an identity that lose the regular genre labels, crossing new classic melodies, minimalism, new jazz, harmonic shades from Middle East and Latin world, latest Us organic bands groove.


  • 3 Pop Ep   Noise Ark Records, 2018















Usually working as a film music producer, with '3 PoP' Marco Varvello sit at the piano and tries to move towards 'pop', though with a jazz trio typical setup and sound. Along the 5 instrumental tracks, almost no solos, but circular structures repeating, applying both the minimalistics lesson and a modern r'n'b and jazz-hop rhythm base. '3' is for trio, 'PoP' is for melody-driven songs with a strong and recognizable leitmotiv.

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