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Noise Ark Records is an independent music label based in Torino (Italy) and focused on producing soundtracks. Mainly it consists of instrumental, acoustic or electronic releases.

NAR reflects the musical research of its founder and main producer, Marco Varvello.

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'3 PoP' is the first Ep released by Marco Varvello Trio

Usually working as a film music producer, with '3 PoP' Marco Varvello sit at the piano and tries to move towards 'pop', though with a jazz trio typical setup and sound. Along the 5 instrumental tracks, almost no solos, but circular structures repeating, applying both the minimalistics lesson and a modern r'n'b and jazz-hop rhythm base. '3' is for trio, 'PoP' is for melody-driven songs with a strong and recognizable leitmotiv.


3 Pop


Marco Varvello Trio

'Sea at Night' is the first released single by the Marco Varvello Trio.
An evocative soundscaped ballad with a classic jazz trio sound, the songs features Edoardo Luparello on drums, Matteo Piras on double bass and the precious collaboration of Fulvio Chiara on trumpet.


Sea at night


Marco Varvello Trio feat. Fulvio Chiara

'Structures' comes from a collaboration with UNIT+ artistic collective
Winners of a composing stage from Arcevia Jazz Feast 2014, Marco Varvello and Giuseppe Merletti joined UNIT+ and created music based on their artistic creations, materic structures with several levels of interpretation




UNIT+ Collective

The Varovarelli's is the new accordion-duo project of Marco Varvello and Valerio Chiovarelli
The duo performs acoustically re-arranged traditional italian songs, french valses and american standards




The Varovarelli's Accordion Duo

Valerio Chiovarelli & Marco Varvello

'Pussy' Original Soundtrack is  a short animation movie score by Marco Varvello
Participating at Music Riot, a film music composing contest at Lovers Film Festival, Torino, this work, with the participation of Maria Valentina Chirico on vocals, won the MUSIC RIOT AWARD 2018


PUSSY Original soundtrack

Marco Varvello feat. Maria Valentina Chirico

Soundtrack of the short movie 'Pussy'

''Elephants Ep' s an instrumental work by composer Marco Varvello.
The work explores acoustic and electronic 'ambient' and 'field footage' with acoustic instruments as clarinet (played by Oliver D'Adda) and tampura creating music for films and documentaries.



Marco Varvello

'Dark Eyes' is probably the most famous russian folk song.
With La Chatte Noire Project, european gipsy-jazz style guitars of Francois Gozlan and Toni Lallai meet Marco Varvello's accordion, supported by a strong african groove provided by Luca Russo on bass and Mattia Barbieri on drums, creating a first remarkable example of Afro-manouche contamination.


dark eyes


Marco Varvello - La Chatte Noire Project

'Songs for Imagery' is the first work of composer Marco Varvello with Noise Ark Records.
With solo piano tracks, piano & electronics, accordion, large use of synths as well as acoustic ballads, the work is a complete portfolio of the composer's ways of expression when creating film music.


film music 1

songs for imagery

Marco Varvello

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