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Alessandro Chiappetta, guitar                                   Marco Varvello, accordion

‘Accordion To Me’ was born for the need to bring through the accordion reeds the musical shades met during years of experience as a performer and composer in several music areas: a rich and articulate wardrobe, like the one of somebody coming back home after a long journey across very different latitudes.
Varvello hence hugs the accordion again after a long interlude dedicated to piano, to jazz research and to soundtrack composing, and goes back to his first instrument while giving back a synthesis of the path he walked.
To support him in this adventure we find the gifted guitarist Alessandro Chiappetta, endowed with a personal and remarkable versatility and technique, also 'returning' after years of European experiences in the high spheres of contemporary jazz.
The result is a vivid and non-ordinary expedition through rearrangements of European and American folk songs, jazz, soul, original compositions and moments of free improvisation, for a concert that passes naturally through heterogeneous settings and atmospheres, and through which the journey itself it becomes a mean of research and restitution.



  • ACCORDION TO ME   Ars Spoletium, 2023

In this original production, accordion and guitar establish a dialogue in which they build, and deconstruct, sonorities originated in different countries and musical cultures (italian, french, celtic, mediterranean, american, brasilian, giamaican, irish) to bring them back to a contemporary dimension, where 'jazz' means a language-container allowing to mix and transform them, with a gentle yet unpredictable result at the same time.

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