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Accordion   to   me

  jazz,   world,   improvising

‘Accordion To Me’ is a music project born for the needs of its founder, Marco Varvello, to bring through the accordion reeds the musical shades met during years of experience as a performer and composer in several music areas: a rich and articulate wardrobe, like the one of who’s coming back after a long journey across very different climates.
Varvello hence hugs the accordion again after a long interlude dedicated to piano, to jazz and to soundtrack composing, and goes back to his first instrument while giving back a synthesis of the path he walked.
To support him in this adventure we find the gifted guitarist Alessandro Chiappetta, endowed with a personal and remarkable versatility and technique, also 'returning' after years of European experiences in the high spheres of contemporary jazz.
The result is a vivid and non-ordinary expedition through rearrangements of European and American folk songs, jazz, soul, original compositions and moments of free improvisation, for a concert that passes naturally through heterogeneous settings and atmospheres, and through which the journey itself it becomes a mean of research and restitution.
Marco Varvello (1980)
Pianist, accordionist and eclectic composer, Marco Varvello matures his stylistic code between soundtrack productions, studio albums as leader and sideman and numerous live ensembles including important projects such as Turin Olympics 2006, Notte della Taranta, Orchestra Alta Felicità, Bandakadabra, Riccardo Mazza, Lovers Film Festival and performing in clubs and festivals in Italy, France, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa.
Studies include Turin Conservatory (Furio di Castri, Jazz composition), Pesaro Conservatory (Luis Bacalov, Film music), APM Saluzzo (production, arrangement), Geir Draugsvoll masterclass at Nord Accordion (Voss, Norway). At Arcevia Jazz 2015 he won a scholarship at the South African College of Music in Cape Town (SA); at the Torino Lovers FIlm Festival 2018 he won the Riot Music Award for the work he did during the masterclass with Teho Teardo.
Today he is also an active creator and organizer of musical educational workshops and seminars.

Alessandro Chiappetta (1976)
Guitarist and composer, he began playing the guitar at the age of nine as a self-taught musician. Later he participates in the seminars of Jim Hall, Scott Henderson, Joe Diorio, Mick Goodrick and John Scofield. In 2005 he participated in the UMBRIA JAZZ clinics in Perugia, having the opportunity to play with guitarists such as Mark White and Jim Kelly. As part of this event, he is selected from several participants, winning a scholarship for the Berklee College in Boston.
In 2009 he won the Moncalieri Jazz Festival contest, 1st place, as best musician and compositions.
In 2010 "Corner Shop" album with his quartet was released, produced by Jazz Philology.
Later comes "Four Now", a second album with Philology: Sudduth-Marsico-Chiappetta-Minetto.
In 2014 he moved to London, where he joined ‘Zirobop’ quartet with Enzo Zirilli on drums Rob Luft on guitar and Misha Mullov Abbado on double bass.
In 2015 they released the first CD with the name Zirobop for Milan label UR and in 2017 the second album "Ten to Late". The concerts are many, from Ronnie's Scott in London to Blue Note in Milan at A-Trane in Berlin .
He also participated in the Torino Jazz Festival playing with Paolo Fresu and Daniele Di Bonaventura.

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