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Audionauta Studios

Docks Dora, Torino (IT)

Music for Animation movies, Short films, Documentaries, Video Games, Feature films, Video and Art installations.

Other services include  song arrangements, production, orchestra arrangements.


At Audionauta Studios we provide Sound Design, 5 . 1 Surround Film Mixing,

360 Cine sound, Dolby, Audiodescrizioni, Source-Connect VoiceOver, and Special Fx, with the collaboration of certified pro technician Paolo Perotti.




Gears and software: Avid ProTools, Ableton Live, Arturia instruments, Vienna Symphony Libraries, Kontakt Komplete, Izotope plugins.

Schiedmayer G.Piano (1920s), Dallapé accordions (1950s), Wurlitzer 200A (70s), Grestch el guitar (40s), Favino guitar (50s), Double Bass, Fender Twin (70s), Ampeg b25 (60s). Antelope Audio Discreet8, Rol.Space Echo, Avantone CV-12, Antelope Audio Verge Mics, Neumann U-87, Akg 414, Sennheizer 421, among the others

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